26 Sep 17 - PRESS RELEASE - Leisure and events

When Parisians dine out: a true love affair… …albeit punctuated with a few clichés!

Areas, the caterer of choice in Parisian railway stations and airports, and prestigious caterer for the capital’s Ciel de Paris and Maison de l’Amérique Latine restaurants, today published the results of a survey conducted by the BVA research institute on Parisians’ habits when it comes to dining out. To get greater insight into what makes the capital’s pleasure-seeking consumers tick and gain a better understanding of their tastes and restaurant-going habits, Areas examined the subject from every angle: restaurant location, atmosphere, price, meal content, etc.

Among other things, the findings of this study underscore a few key trends.

For Parisians, the restaurant is sacred. Not only is dining out their preferred outing, the restaurant is above all a place to meet and cultivate relationships, and a place of pleasure and discovery. Results of the survey show that:

For 67% of Parisians, dining out is an outing in itself.

For more than 50%, it is above all an occasion to spend time with family and friends and to have fun.

Some of the clichés uttered by Parisians with regard to their daily lives are often reiterated when it comes to eating out:

“Leave my district? – no way!”: only 3% of Parisians are ready  to venture beyond the area where they live to dine out.

“Even if it means going solo!”: 24% of Parisians are even willing to dine alone.

Alexandre de Palmas, CEO of Areas in France and Northern Europe, said: “For Areas, the client is our main concern and key priority. We constantly strive to get to know our customers better so that we can improve their experience and therefore enhance their level of satisfaction. The scope of our group may be global, but we also have a significant presence in Paris with Areas as the caterer of choice in the capital’s railway stations, airports and prestigious restaurants, and with Elior in the city’s schools, companies and healthcare establishments. With a greater understanding of Parisian consumers’ needs and expectations, we can provide a better daily service and offer our guests moments when they can reconnect with themselves and with others.”

 Profile of the Parisian restaurant-goer:

54% are women, they are 45 on average (25% are between 35 and 49 years old), 33% have executive-level

jobs, 37% are in a relationship, 79% do not have any children under the age of 15, and 67% live on the right bank. 

Where do Parisians prefer to dine out? In Paris!

Almost all Parisians prefer to dine out in their city, with only 3% ready to venture beyond the capital’s boundaries!

The rivalry between the right and left banks persists: the most sought-after districts when it comes to dining out are Oberkampf/Bastille (for 14% of Parisians), followed by Montparnasse (for 12%) and the Marais/Châtelet (for 10%).

The Parisians and their restaurants: a veritable love affair

Parisians are connoisseurs when it comes to dining out; and with a vast choice of some 17,000 restaurants in the capital they can take their pick. Roughly 1 Parisian out of 2 dines out at least once a week, in the evening or at the weekend, and 39% eat out at lunchtime at least once a week.

Why do Parisians eat out?

67% of Parisians consider that dining out in the evening or at the weekend is an outing in itself. 55% go to restaurants to spend time with family and friends, 51% dine out for the sheer pleasure of it and 39% enjoy discovering new catering venues.

What determines their choice of restaurant?

For 30% of Parisians, price is not a key priority. While 60% choose their restaurant according to the type of food on the menu, 46% base their choice on restaurant proximity and 45% on atmosphere.

62% have an average budget of between 20 and 39 euros, and 16% are willing to spend more than 40 euros for dinner.

What types of restaurants do Parisians frequent?

While 62% of Parisians prefer to eat ethnic cuisine (particularly Italian, Asian and Oriental) in the evening or at the weekend, 23% seek qualitative catering venues (gastronomic and bistronomique). Brasseries are the most popular lunchtime catering venue for 39% of Parisians.

Parisians’ choice menu

39% of Parisians go for the 2-course, appetizer/main dish, or main dish/dessert formula while 25% prefer a full 3-course appetizer/main dish/dessert menu.

The ideal menu consists of a fish appetizer (salmon or sea bream tartar) and a meat main dish for 18% of Parisians, rounded off with a gourmet coffee for 12%.

Parisians like to share

40% of our panel like to photograph their meals.