13 Jul 17 - PRESS RELEASE - Motorways

Areas and Gulli launch Arche Mission Zoo, the game that makes holiday traveling fun and instructive

Areas, the leading motorway catering operator in France with 110 motorway service plazas under management, announces the launch of Arche Mission Zoo: a game, created in partnership with Gulli, which plunges children into an augmented reality adventure in the heart of the African savannah. This game is in line with Areas’ mission to offer innovative experiences that encourage travelers on the road to take a break, not just because they have to, but because they want to.

Arche Mission Zoo is a virtual game, enriched by an augmented reality premium version, which is designed for children aged 4 to 10 and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. Developed by the Metidia start-up, the game enables children to discover the animals of Africa and create their own virtual zoo. As of July 13, families will be able to play the game on the road and in the 42 Arche cafes located on the French motorway network.

The game starts with the child traveling through Africa where he comes across an abandoned marmoset and decides to save it. To do this, he must take the animal to a neighboring reserve managed by Jean, who, impressed by the courage and determination of the young adventurer, entrusts him with a zoo. And so, the adventure begins: a mission for the aspiring daktari across the grassland planes of the African savannah where the player’s quest is to seek out endangered species, save them, feed them, play with them, restore them back to health then release them back into the wild when they are fit and can fend for their own. Individual fact sheets are provided giving information on each animal (name, geographic origin, diet, habitat, life-expectancy, length of gestation, etc.). These are also available in audio form for the very young. Players use donations from visitors to maintain and improve their zoo, and therefore best serve the needs of their animals.

With this app, Areas, the international travel catering brand of Elior Group, wants to encourage drivers to stop for a break and make it a moment that can also be fun and instructive for their kids. Zoo management is possible at any time. Only the premium animals are hidden in the Arche cafeterias where parents can also enjoy a well-deserved rest and savor a tasty bite thanks to the Group’s renowned French and International brands.  

Designed by Metidia, specialist in digital games and unique client experience creation for retail brands.

To discover the game Arche Mission Zoo, click here