Our job

At all levels, you will find #TheJobIWant within our wide range of jobs.

Being an operational staff member at Areas is:

  • Welcoming and serving new clients every day
  • Choosing  to have flexible working time
  • Facing new challenges and dealing with the unexpected on a daily basis
  • Sharing a desire to move forward together and committing to serve our clients

I want a job with a strong human contact in which I am sure to never be bored!


Marque employeur Ornella

Being shop manager at Areas is:

  • Animating your shop to provide a high quality of service
  • Ensuring independently financial management of the shop
  • Managing and developing your teams  (recruitment, planning, objectives, training,…)

I want a job that gives me the responsibility of managing financial and human capitals and is a springboard for my career.


Being operational manager at Areas is:

  • Running independently a profit center 
  • Gathering your teams around a common project
  • Developing your teams
  • Having the entrepreneurial spirit and the passion of being out in the field

I want a job with high responsibilities that gives me a considerable degree of autonomy while being part of a group. 


Working in support functions at Areas is:

  • Being at the service of the operational excellence
  • Managing transformation projects
  • Making Areas recognized as a pioneer  of  new trends
  • Developing myself at the heart of a leader company

I want an innovative job that offers me the liberty of being proactive and independent.